Working with Sticky Stabilizer

Hoop the sticky stabilizer paper side up. Using a pin, score the paper at the hoop edges and in the center, taking care not to pierce the stabilizer.

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Remove the paper from the stabilizer inside the hoop area.
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Attach the hoop to the embroidery unit of your machine and select a design. After selection of the design most machines will start with the needle at the center point of the design.   

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Mark the center point on the fabric you wish to embroider.
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Align the fabric along the straight grain (or in the desired position) on the sticky stabilizer, rubbing the fabric lightly to ensure adhesion. Be sure the center point you marked is under the needle at center position.
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With large and heavy items, such as bath towels, etc., it is helpful to roll up the fabric between the hoop and the sewing arm and secure the roll with pins. This will help prevent the fabric from being caught, which may cause the hoop and therefore part of your designto shift.Ensure that large articles don't hang off the edge of the table or sewing surface, as this could create a drag on the embroidery unit and cause parts of your design to be misaligned.  

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If the fabric has a nap or texture (terry cloth, velvet, knits, polar fleece, etc.), place a piece of water soluble stabilizer over the surface of the fabric to be embroidered, to prevent the stitches from sinkinf into the fibers.
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When you are finished embroidering, remove the hoop from the machine and carefully remove the fabric from the sticky stabilizer. You don't need to use a new sheet of sticky stabilizer each time you re-hoop. Patch the hole left by removing the previous embroidery with another piece of sticky stabilizer larger than the hole, leaving the paper on. Burnish the patch onto the sticky stabilizer in the hoop with the edge of your thumbnail, remove the paper from the patch, and go on to your next embroidery.
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